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BBC World Service Newsday – The November Terrorist Attacks in Paris

16 November 2015

Interview with Julian Keane


BBC Worldservice – Weekend: Paris Terror Attacks

14 November 2015

Presenter Paul Henley
French journalist Nabila Ramdani discusses the Paris terror attacks and, the morning after the attacks, already suggests the possibility of the weapons used being acquired from the former Eastern European bloc and driven in to France through countries like Belgium.


BBC Radio 4 Today Programme – Paris Terror Attacks

14 November 2015

Presenters John Humphrys & James Naughtie
Nabila Ramdani is a French journalist working in London who will be with us through the programme.

BBC Radio 5 Live: Up All Night – Paris Terror Gun & Bomb Attacks

13 November 2015

Presenter Dotun Adebayo
French journalist Nabila Ramdani contributed to rolling coverage of the Paris multiple terror gun and bomb attacks. Intw starts at 12.21


BBC Radio Scotland – PM’s reaction to Calais Crisis

31 July 2015

Interview with Andrew Kerr


BBC Radio Wales – Turkey Convenes NATO Meeting vs ISIS

28 July 2015

Interview with Oliver Hides


BBC Radio Wales – UK warning to Britons holidaying in Tunisia

12 July 2015

Interview with Vaughan Roderick


BBC Radio Wales – Migrant ‘Perfect Storm’ Situation in Calais

24 June 2015

Interview with Charlotte Evans

Sputnik – Libya mistakes & migrants perishing at sea

22 April 2015

Interview for Juliet Spare’s report


BBC Radio Wales – IS burns Jordanian pilot to death

04 February 2015

Interview with Mai Davies

BBC Radio 4

BBC Radio 4 PM – Charlie Hebdo’s tradition of racist cartoons

13 January 2015

Interview with Eddie Mair

BBC Radio 4

BBC Radio 4 Sunday – Charlie Hebdo: Islam & Europe

11 January 2015

Discussion hosted by Edward Stourton


BBC Radio 4 Today – Terrorist attacks on Charlie Hebdo

08 January 2015

Interview with James Naughtie

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