Lockerbie bomber could live until 2017, say doctors

Daily Mail – byline in the newspaper edition - 20 August 2010

The Lockerbie bomber could live for another seven years, it has been claimed.

A year ago, Ali Al Megrahi was released from prison by the Scottish government, after being given just three months to live.

But as Libyans prepare to celebrate the first anniversary of the 58-year-old’s release today, medical sources in Tripoli say he could still be alive in 2017.

Ashour Shamis, editor of the Akhbar Libya website, said yesterday: ‘I have been told by someone reliable that a medical source in Tripoli says Megrahi could live for up to seven years.

‘They are looking after him very well. He has 24-hour care in his home and wherever he goes he has doctors with him.’ Families of victims will be enraged by the claims.

Yesterday, police in the Libyan capital sealed off the house in which the terrorist is being treated for prostate cancer, after a warning from the British Government to avoid scenes of celebration similar to those that greeted his return home.

But sources in Libya say thousands are expected to flock to the streets of the capital where Megrahi, convicted of killing 270 in Britain’s worst terrorist atrocity, is a national hero.

Libyan dictator Colonel Gaddafi’s son Saif, who escorted Megrahi home, is expected to visit Megrahi for a banquet in his honour.

The British ambassador in Tripoli has warned the Libyan government scenes of celebration will be an insult to the families of those who died when Pan Am Flight 103 exploded in 1988.

The Foreign Office said: ‘The celebrations that greeted Megrahi’s return to Libya a year ago were insensitive and deeply distressing to the victims’ families.

‘Any repetition of these celebrations this year would be completely unacceptable.

‘Megrahi remains a convicted terrorist responsible for the worst act of terrorism in British history.’

But Libyan officials have revealed that British wellwishers are among those who have sent letters of support to him.

Former Labour MP Tam Dalyell said he wrote a letter of congratulations to Megrahi. ‘I’m certain that Megrahi is an innocent man.he said. ‘I’m pleased he was released.’

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