Egypt’s ex prime minister Ahmed Shafiq attacked by a mob at polls

London Evening Standard - 24 May 2012

A leading Egyptian presidential election candidate was threatened by a mob because of his former links with deposed dictator Hosni Mubarak.

Crowds in Cairo shouted “criminal” and “down with the old regime” at Ahmed Shafiq because he used to be  Mubarak’s prime minister.

Today polls opened for the second day across Egypt to give 50 million eligible voters more time to choose their head of state for the first time.

Former military commander Shafiq was surrounded by bodyguards as he arrived at a polling station to cast his vote yesterday — but was immediately accused of having blood on his hands.

Crowds chanted, “You killed the martyrs”, branded him a “relic” of the Mubarak regime, then pelted him with shoes and stones before smashing the windscreens of parked cars.

Shafiq, 70, eventually filled in his ballot paper after voting was briefly suspended.

The first round of Egypt’s democratic presidential election in 5,000 years is taking place over two days and involves 12 candidates.

Results are expected to be announced on Sunday. If no one wins an overall majority, as is likely, a second round will take place next month.

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